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Our Fees

Using a property search agent can be cheaper, even though you pay them a fee. Often, the search agents are able to negotiate better deals with agents and sellers. The costs, time and stress of personally looking for a property, is not worth at all unless you're a person who personally enloys taking up such a project.

At One Lux Estate Property Search, we have flexible terms and payment arrnagements open for negotiations to suit your property search needs. This is simply because we represent you, the buyer. Traditional Real Estate Agents represent any party that makes the deal happen. Their appraoch is a biased approach aimed towards achieving sales.

Property Search for Purchase:

Retainer : £800.00

Success fee:1% of the purchase price or 22.5% of the difference between the marketed asking price and agreed purchase price. Payable in full at the completion stage and includes all our services through to the transaction stage.

A fixed fee instead of the percentage fee is negotiable depending on the scale of the work required and the value of the property.

Rental Property Search:

Retainer: £500.00

Success fee: One calendar month's rent